(1898 - 1972)


Elisabeth Whitworth Scott was an English architect celebrated by her design for the iconic Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, at Stratford-upon-Avon.
Having architecture running in her blood, she graduated from the Architecture Association in 1924.
A member of the Junior Council of London and the National Society of Women’s Services, Whitworth Scott constantly promoted women’s professional enrolment in architecture, hiring women architects everytime it was possible.
After winning the architecture competition for the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, in 1928, the arhcitect worked along with architects John Shepherd, Maurice Chesterton and John Breakwell, designing buildings such as the Marie Curie Hospital in Hampstead and the Fawcett Building, Cambridge.
In the 1960’s, Elisabeth joined the Architecture Department of Bournemouth Town Council, after working with Ronald Philips & Partners, where she developed less recognized work, like the Pier Theatre.